Zaitoun Official Language School in Idku

My school is called Zaitoun Official Language School in Idku , Elbahyra, Egypt. It’s a big school of five floors. We love it very much. We study different subjects in it. We study Arabic, English, Science, Maths, Social Studies and Art. My favorite subject is Science. We study Science at the science laboratory. Our science teacher is very kind and clever. He always helps us do experiments in the lab.

We do a lot of activities and sports at school. We play football for the school football team. Our team is a strong one. We won a trophy last year.

We also go on school trips to see the monuments in our country and learn about its history. When l study my country’s history, I feel proud that I belong to it. We also go on field trips to different places. We visited factories and learned how they make biscuits and dairy products.


For me, my favorite hobby is drawing. I consider m self talented. My art teacher helps me improve my talent. She encourages me participate in art galleries. People always admire my paintings and my teacher feels proud of me. Finally, I would like to tell you that I’m proud that I am part of that great institution.

Written by: Ziad Ayman Medra, Nour Ayman Medra, Zaitoun Official Language School, Idku, Egypt

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