Greetings from SAÇFL’s writing club.

 We are going to introduce you our education system today. After kindergarden era we get placed in the closest primary school in our area. After four years we get in to middle school. When we finish middle school, we take an exam that includes 8th grade’s subjects. According to the score and percentile you get, you have four options.  

       The highest to lowest; Science school, Anatolian school, Social Science school, Technical school. Other than these schools, there are two more. If you want to do something about your talent, you can choose art school or sports school. They have special exams. We have 8 main subjects. They are math, literature, chemistry, physics, biology, religion, english, history. Also we have geography, IT, PE, music, philosophy. We get education for 4 years in high school. After second year we choose a department. Then we get lessons about what we chose. We make experiments in our labs for most of the lessons. We take two exams for each lesson in one term.

       At the end of the highschool we take two big exams. One of them includes the subjects that we have seen for first two years. The other one includes all the four years of high school. When the results in, you see all the potential universities that you can enter then you make 5 school preferences.If your score is enough, you enter one of them. That’s it for now. We want to know about your education system too. Hope you enjoyed when you read this.

Written by: SAÇFL’s writing club, Seval Ahmet Çetin Fen Lisesi, Tekirdağ, Turkey

Picture: Bild von www_slon_pics auf Pixabay

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