…… the territory of today’s Serbia has been inhabited for more than 10 millennia!

The oldest planned and permanent settlement on the territory of Serbia dates back to 9500 years BC. That archaeological site is called ’Lepenski Vir’. Other archaeological sites from the same era are located in Vinča (Vinča Culture, 4500 BC) and Starčevo (Starčevo Culture, 6000 BC). Ever since life has been going on here.

…… the territory of today’s Serbia was the birthplace of 17 Roman Emperors!

In 11th, century BC Alexander the Great conquered southern parts of Serbia which was the most northern point of his empire.

The next big empire on this territory was Roman Empire.

During the time Roman Empire was ruling these territories, seventeen Roman Emperors were born here and among them Constantine the Great (born in today`s town called Niš), famous for ’The Edict of Milan’, which was a proclamation that approved Christianity as a religion.

The next was the Byzantine Empire. They ruled this territory until the 12th century.

The Kingdom of Serbia was established in 12th century under the Nemanjić dynasty which was closely related to Byzantine Dynasty.  This was the golden age of the Kingdom of Serbia. The most prominent ruler was Tsar Dušan known for ‘’Dušan’s Code’’, a set of laws which constitute an early form of constitution.

Unfortunately, by the end of the 14th century, Serbia was conquered by the Ottoman Empire.

Parts of Serbia stayed under the Ottoman rule until the very beginning of 19th century.

…… the modern state of Serbia was established at the beginning of 19th century…..

After the rebellion and liberation from the Turkish Empire, Serbia was established as a modern state in early 19th century.

…… the World War I and World War II ended in creation of a new state, Yugoslavia…..

After the WW I Serbia has lost its independence and became a part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia ruled by Serb Dynasty Karađorđević.

After the WW II Yugoslavia has banned the royal dynasty and became a socialist, federative republic. Serbia stayed as one of the republics.

After the destruction of Yugoslavia at the end of the 20th century, Serbia once again became an independent state.

…… Serbia is a cradle of many world famous athletes!

Serbia is one of the most successful countries at sports. At the time of former Yugoslavia, Serbia had many talented sportsmen and medal holders. After the collapse of the ex-country, Serbia managed to stay on the throne as a competitive country in many sports. It is worth mentioning that the country of Serbia has the population of only about7 million, which makes its success even greater.

In team sports we excel in volleyball, basketball and water polo. We were world vice champions in basketball as well as vice champions in the Olympics. Serbia is the world and European volleyball champion too. As far as water polo is concerned few can match our team. It is the best world, European and Olympic team ever.

We are among the leading sports nations at individual sports too. Many races and medals have been won in athletics, archery, kayaking, taekwondo, judo, wrestling….. and of course in tennis in both the individual and team class. Our nation is most proud of its best tennis player ever. Novak Djokovic has excelled in all Grand Slams and Masters for several years, and has been announced as the best tennis player of the decade. He has not won only the Olympics, but we hope he will do it soon. He is not only a supreme sportsman he is also a great man whose glory has reached the heights of a national hero.

….. Serbia is a cradle of many students – winners of the world competitions in mathematics, physics, science, etc …..

It is interesting that a country as small as Serbia has such a big number of students winning numerous competitions. The list is too long …

….. Serbia is interesting to visit!!!

So, come!

You are welcome to enjoy

  • its natural beauty (landscapes, rivers, caves, lakes, national parks…)
  • its spas (Vrnjačka Banja, Bukovička Banja, Soko Banja….)
  • its ski resorts (Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Stara planina…)
  • its archaeological sites (Sirmium, Viminacium, Felix Romuliana…)
  • its medieval monasteries (Žiča, Studenica, Krušedol, Manasija, Ravanica …)
  • its festivals: EXIT (rock, techno, electronic… music – The Best Major Festival Award), Guča (ethno music festival), Kustendorf (one of the numerous film festivals)… the list is much longer and offers something for every taste!

Written by: Sofija Kiš, Uroš Jovančević, Mihajlo Katić, Luka Savić, Daniel Kovač, Nikola Radovanović, Dunja Jakimovski, Anja Hasanović, Nikolina Jovanović, Sofija Solomunović, Natalija Zajović, Dragana Marinković, Andrea Čevizović, Elena Đurčinović, Laura Ristić, Ana Bisak, Anastasija Čolović, Aleksandra Pal, Itana Radanov, Teodora Biro, Luka Vujčić, Marija Stjepanović, Sofija Bjelić, Miljana Djurić, Comprehensive School „Uroš Predić“, Pančevo, Serbia

Picture: Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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