Hello, greetings  from SAÇFLs’ writing club. So Turkey has eighty one cities. And we are living in a small town that is connected to Tekirdağ which is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. Çerkezköy is the name of the small town we live in.There are too many factories in here.  Because of that its known as The Industrial Zone of Tekirdağ. So there are too many business oppurtinities in Çerkezköy. These oppurtinities cause immigration from other cities.The bad side of this is air and water pollution. But in last years we are trying to solve  these problems.

Çerkezköy contains a lot of farming areas. Thracian people are generally so kind, hardworking and friendly. The most of the population are crafts. There are so many cafe’s and restaurants you can hang out with your friends but the variation of entertaining places are limited. We have only one cinema but we don’t have  a theater. If we want to go to the theater, there is a close town that is 15 miles away. Çerkezköy ìs  connected to Tekirdağ.

Tekirdağ is more advanced and you can hang out with your friends at the sea side cafe’s and also there is an amusement park. There are so many concerts. In summer the city hall is organizing a lot of outdoor concerts and festivals. The most famous festival is Tekirdağ cherry festival. The judges are tasting the cherries that crafts brought from their farms and the most tasteful cherry in the city  wins the competition. Tekirdağ’s most famous restaurant is an airplane and they are serving the Tekirdağ’s most famous dish which is meatball. Also Tekirdağ’s people like to drink ‘rakı’ which is a liquor. And Tekirdağ has one university called Namık Kemal University also there are 3 science highschools. So there are too many students here. I am really curious  about the place you live, We hope to meet you ìn our cìty…

Written by students of the Writing Club of Seval Ahmet Çetin Fen Lisesi, Tekirdağ, Turkey

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